In response to our Worlds covid 19 Pandemic, I have created a Weekly Collective Healing and Mediation hour that is done in the comfort of your home. All weekly Collective Sessions are by donation or when necessary complimentary

There is GREAT POWER in UNITY, we all need the Love and Support from each other more than ever before, as our Lives and Planet are swiftly transforming on a daily basis. These weekly collective mediations, create a Sacred Grid of Light that amplifies the healing effect and inner Peace for each individual person.

Everyone is Welcome and No Experience is Necessary. This is a gift that you may choose to experience for yourself and suggest to family and friends. It’s my great Pleasure to be Able to facilitate the Transmission of Spiritual Healing Energy for those that are guided to participate.

If you would like to receive updates for these weekly Collective Healing and Mediation Sessions, please contact me directly and I will include you on my mass email list. Thank You!


­I am in “awl” at the level of warmth, peace and love that surrounds me. It’s the highlight of my week! Thank you
Kimberly ­


­ I felt the presence of Jesus and saw colorful sparks of purple light. I love it ­

K. M. PA

­ Rose petals fell from above and landed on my lap. I fell fast asleep and woke of like I travelled somewhere other
worldly. ­

D. W. GK.

­ I was quite sick with covid for weeks, the healing energy lifted my spirits and eased my horrible body pain ­


­ The attracting my soul tribe was my favorite experience, I left a huge weight lift from my heart ­


­ I have known Kimberly for over 10 years and the collective energy boosts have been even MORE powerful than my 1:1 sessions with her, truly remarkable the healing effect and level of clarity I receive days after ­

S. A. CA

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