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Kimberly Sue Salshutz brings over 20 years of experience to her private practice, Healing Hands New York. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1998 with a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Science. This degree includes a license in acupuncture and Chinese herbology.

Prior to establishing Healing Hands New York, her experience includes working at Elmhurst Hospital's acupuncture pain rehabilitation clinic, and creating an innovative stop smoking protocol for Chelsea Healing acupuncture center, which was the subject of a 1999 article in GQ magazine. Kimberly also authored a spiritual passage that was published in God in the Midst of the City, as tribute to those that dedicated their service during September 11, 2001.

Because of her unique education, kimberly applies her innate intuition and empathy skills with traditional educational venues to guide treatment protocols. She is most noted for her unique assessment of mind, body, spirit and how there interconnectedness may impact one's health and quality of life. Kimberly's treatments include the combination of acupuncture and energy work. When necessary she prescribes Chinese herbal medicine and writes unique healing meditations to address the specific needs of the patient. "Whether I am assisting someone to be free of back pain or heartache, nothing makes me happier than to see someone truly thrive in their lives, as their hearts open and systems heal in a deep way. Some of my most joyous moments have been assisting people with infertility to the birth of their children, officiating a wedding, witnessing the process of self love to the creation of published books, and works of art. I am blessed to truly enjoy my life work."

All of her treatments have a common thread, as her intention is to align people within their hearts, so that their own truth and inner voice is the key to understanding and healing within themselves. Currently, she is excited to offer the Lifefield technique, which essence is to connect one to their soul purpose and free them of emotional charges and imprints.

Kimberly likes to work with people of all ages and all backgrounds of life who have a sincere desire to heal, learn and grow. "The relationship between patient and practioner is a team effort, as nothing can replace the person's will or desire to truly gain better health. However, it's necessary for the practioner to provide tools and insight into a problem so the client has new perspectives and choices as to how to better live their lives. A healer is a catalyst to inspire one's own healing power."

Kimberly treats one client per hour, as opposed to working several rooms at once, as some practitioners do. She takes the time to listen to and educate the client, explaining each individual treatment, so that each person can enjoy an empowering and peaceful experience.

Kimberly resides in New York City with her family and is co - owner of New York Yoga and New York Yoga Hot with her husband.

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