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Meditation is a powerful way to connect with your true essence. It's an ancient practice that lies at the heart of most Eastern cultures, and has numerous benefits to relax the body, calm the mind and facilitate a deep connection with your own unique spirit.

Originally, practices such as yoga, qi gong and tai chi were cultivated with the intention of opening the body with specific breath and movement in preparation for meditation.

When someone receives an acupuncture treatment, for example, the person naturally goes into a peaceful meditative state, as the body and mind relax and the brain waves shift from a predominant beta to the alpha state. When this occurs, through either acupuncture or individual meditation practice, one has the opportunity to tap into areas of the brain that are not yet fully awake. It's a fact that most people are only using one tenth of their full brain potential - what about the other ninety percent?

Meditation provides the foundation for the mind, body and spirit not only to receive a profound sense of well-being and healing, but also to gain a greater sense of clarity of purpose and higher wisdom for ourselves.

It is my opinion that the meditation process should be fun and creative, something that you look forward to every day. The meditations that I share with my clients are simple and have been passed from master to master over many years. Some of my most commonly-used meditations include sacred ray invocations and ninety-day seasonal meditations that are truly a rare gift to experience.

In addition, I have written specific healing meditations to suit the needs of individual clients. These are designed to bypass the conscious mind to work on the unconscious and subconscious, where blocks and fears are often held, so that one may receive the healing and insight into a specific obstacle of life. Before a meditation begins, I explain the symbolic associations of the meditation, so one can be "less mental" and completely open and relaxed for the treatment. One unique aspect to my meditation sessions with clients is my practice of sending Reiki healing energy to them during their sessions to help transform the root cause of their dilemma and support them in their healing process.

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