Currently, our world has many different types of energy healing modalities that have there roots steeped in ancient wisdom teachings and cultures.

Touch is perhaps the most basic healing response. With proper training, the practitioner becomes the conduit for divine energy to flow through the body and out through their hands. Divine energy has the capacity to dissolve and with time heal many blockages, traumas, diseases that are held within the physical body and ones energy field.

The placement of hands is often over the persons chakras, or energy centers, as they hold unique connections to ones health and mental and emotional well -being.

Receiving energy work, feels like being cradled in a cozy blanket while soothing, warm, healing energy begins to flow and becomes absorbed into your body. Many people report to see colors and light along with feeling de during treatments.

My Personal Story

My first love as a healer was energy work and the introduction of reiki As far back as I can remember, as a young child, I was always deeply attracted to color, shape and sound. All vibration/energy is composed with these qualities and create matter and form.

As a 14 year old girl, I had a near death experience that created a spontaneous healing transformation. I still can vividly remember the moment that the divine light touched me! I was instantaneously cured and awoke completely healthy and changed forever. The light truly touched my soul. That blessed experience, was the beginning of my personal journey, the quest to understand the meaning of life and question why we are here on this planet at this time? What is God, what is light, what is enlightenment?

Throughout the evolution of my life, my path lead me down a wonderful and at times intense spiritual journey. I have been the both the reciprocant and witness to many healing miracles and spiritual awakenings.

My first real call to work with energy was back in 1995, as my first spiritual teacher appeared. I was trained in the Tibetan healing system of reiki. It was like returning home. It was the spark that was awakened the healer in me. It wasn't long afterwards that I changed my career direction and went back to receive my masters degree on Chinese medicine.

Over the course of 23 + years, I embraced other energy healing systems such as therapeutic touch, Lifefield Technique, as well as shamanism and energy clearings.

Presently energy work (in my opinion) has evolved. With the awakening that is occurring on our planet, universal, divine energy is open and easily accessible for humanity. I no longer use a formal healing modality, as they have become fully integrated within me and I open to the source directly. I am akin to an artist on the unseen planes; transmitting universal energy through my hands and heart. Like an artist, I fill up, repair, clear, add, layer to ones energetic system color, shape, light, words. My hands are like a moving prayer, while my mind and heart hold the purest thoughts and intentions.

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