Cupping and Gua - Sha have become very popular. What are the benefits?

" They both are ancient healing modalities that are designed to create local suction on the skin. This effect promotes an increase of oxygen and blood flow to a specific part of your body. People experience much pain relief and greater sense of peace and well being. Patients often report a better nights sleep with increased energy for several days after a cupping or gua-sha treatment."

Michael Phelps, recently brought heightened awareness to its pain management benefits. These modalities release toxins and lactic acid through the pores, that naturally build up within our tissues and muscles from exercise or repetitive stress injuries. That is why lingering redness and light bruising remain on the skin, sometimes up to 10 days after treatment. When techniques like massage, chiropractor and even acupuncture do not bring sustained relief to tight muscles and body pain, it can be an indication that the body requires a deeper, localized detox of pathogens.

Besides Pain Relief, Can these treat any other health concerns?

" I also use cupping and gua sha to to relieve stress. Who isn't stressed these days? The increased blood flow along the spine, relaxes the nervous system and clears heat/inflammation. The body can exhale and decompress stress. My patients often request cupping when they book an appointment because they love the release they experience immediately after treatment."
Another clinical presentation is a cold, flu or allergy. Depending on the signs and symptoms, cupping and gua - sha can be applied to the upper back and chest to reduce fever and loosen up congestion/mucous.

What is the difference between Cupping and Gua - Sha?

" Cupping uses glass or plastic round cups that are suctioned over skin. Gua - Sha uses a porcelain or jade spoon to gently scrape an area of skin. In theory, the therapeutic effects are very similar. Cupping has a deeper tissue and muscle release whereas, gua- sha is more superficial The choice is often depends on surface area of skin. Larger areas of body use cupping and smaller hard to reach areas gua - sha is applied Most of the time both are used simultaneously to achieve the optimal results.

I love working with these ancient techniques. They are great conversation pieces with marvelous healing results."

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