Aroma acu -point therapy is a revived alchemical healing method that infuses the healing power of natures most precious flowers and herbs directly into specific acupuncture points. This technique can stand alone, however is most effective when used in conjunction with acupuncture. Within minutes of application, the person feels the serenity and expansiveness generated from this harmonious combination.

A few drops of certified, organic essential oils are placed on the ends of Q- tips, then gently taped over specific acupuncture points. Essential oils are selected based upon the medicinals of each flower and herb, then matched with its correlating function of the acupuncture and organ systems.

A treatment with aroma acu-point typically uses 6 - 10 different essential oils for optimal healing results.

The experience is truly magical. People often report that they feel like they are being bathed in the wonderful aromas' of mother natures healing garden!

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