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­ Kimberly is a healer's healer! Blending a touch of intuition, channeling, acupuncture and energy healing she's guided to find the best recipe to alleviate pain and suffering in all areas of ones life. No matter the problem. Kimberly can help! ­

Doug McGill, Healer/intuitive

­ Kimberly for as normal as she is, she is at the core o'ut of this world! I have known for for 25 years and continues to grow and strengthen her ability to help and heal. She is a real 5 D healer that has been waiting for her time. ­

K. S. NJ

­ I do not know exactly how this all works, but what I do know is that when i go for long periods without my monthly tune ups I get sick, tired and feel unmotivated. She and her powerful treatments are magic! ­

. P. S., Artist

"Kimberly is an exceptional healer in the truest sense of the world. She is proficient in her technique and astute in her intuition. After a session with her, whether she's treated me for physical pain, emotional pain, or both, I feel healed and refreshed in body, mind and spirit. Kimberly is truly a gift to the world!"

S.B., Producer

"I am so grateful for Kimberly. She has literally saved my life and my child's over the years I have known her. She is the healer I contact first during a crisis and to also help stabilize my own health and my family's.

My first pregnancy was relatively easy, due to the diligence of Kimberly doing everything she could to help me. She also agreed to be my doula which was invaluable during the 36 hour painful labor. Every woman should have that healing support. What was even more painful was that after my birth we found out our baby had a heart murmur and she was losing weight rapidly - it was a very scary time in our lives. We had to do open heart surgery on our little babe and Kimberly was there giving us healing, Nija(our daughter) used to just stare at her as she was being worked on with the direct look of complete trust.

Kimberly also rushed to our side lately when Nija at 5 all of a sudden had a brain aneurysm burst. We had no idea of this condition and Kimberly came often to give her healing and help calm her. We were even able to give her a MRI without anesthesia, she was so calm after a two hour reiki session. The fluid in her brain abated miraculously due to the sessions as well. The doctors and the nurses started dubbing Nija as the Miracle Baby. I know that a lot of that is because of the amazing healing community we had around us and Kimberly was key. I don't know what karma we have together but she has been our saviour during all the turmoil and she in my heart and mind will always stand out as the shining light in our lives. Nija is now full of life and energy and has a special bond with Kimberly, she speaks of her fondly and with love, as do I. Anyone who experiences a session with her will feel that amazing outpouring of Light that she has been graced to carry."


"Kimberly Salshutz is a brilliant healer. Her skills are many and her compassion deep. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Erik Liberman

"After trying every drug possible, I finally turned to Kimberly for help. I was consummed with morning sickness all day long. Most often, I could not even leave my apartment. After several treatments from Kimberly, I was able to resume my daily activites. Kimberly not only is an amazing person but truly has Healing Hands. Thank you."

D. S., Teacher and Mother

"Kimberly is one of the most powerful healers I have encountered. As a holistic practitioner myself, I have met and worked with many and rarely come by someone as gifted as she. She uses her extra sensory gifts in a very deep and responsible way, while taking the time to answer questions and explore most what I was concerned about. I would feel very comfortable recommending anyone to her!"

Cynthia Stadd, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Healthy Life Coach

"Kimberly is an amazing practitioner who can help you connect with the depths of your soul, if you are ready for it. The healing that has taken place in my life since starting with Kimberly has been extraordinary. If you are open to it, healing can take place on every level (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). After going to a therapist for many years, I hit a stand still. It was only when I starting my work with Kimberly that I could release and move past some of the emotional obstacles that were keeping me from living my life to its fullest potential. In turn, some physical manifestations were also eliminated. I thank Kimberly for being a partner in my journey and highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready for positive change and movement in their life."

B. B., Social Worker and Reiki Practitioner

"It usually is an external dis-ease which brings us to an acupuncturist, although only too often we are not aware that it is an internal one moving us in such a direction. As the therapy progresses we relax in its well-being, unaware that our inner barriers are falling one by one, until we are brought face to face to the real cause(s) bringing us to visit Kimberly Salshutz. This extraordiary revelation has made me wonder how it is that SHE brought me to this conclusion. Her therapeutic qualities? The depth of her knowledge? Her extraordinary intuition? That vocation which has taken over her life transforming it into a mission? In meeting a human being chosen, molded and transformed by Universal Energy, I stop wondering and I no longer try and pin a label on her. I rather acknowledge the farsighted-ness of this gift, and I gladly follow the path this awareness has generated in me. My personal, if humble, gift of gratitude to her is to simply share my story with you."

Giorgio Batista, Reiki Master

"Kimberly's extraordinary talent is matched by her tremendous compassion. I came to her when I was suffering from stomach and reproductive issues, plus general anxiety. She helped me work through all of these difficulties, and I'm happy and healthy across the board thanks to her treatments and advice. Working with Kimberly has changed my life and heightened my sense of purpose and possibility. I'm so grateful for her. Kimberly is a friend and a true healer of body, mind, and spirit."

K.M. Author & Yoga Teacher

"Kimberly Salshutz is a devoted healer who lives what she preaches. She has an incredible awareness of energy and performs her treatments mindfully. Her caring nature radiates. The treatment I have received from Kimberly were genuinely nourishing physically and emotionally. Her multi-disciplinary skills in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine allow her to help many of very different conditions. Kimberly's skills and dedication as a healthcare practitioner and as a person is exemplary."

Jennifer Hoang, L.Ac., Acupuncture Tradition, Port Jefferson, New York

"I've experienced lower back pain for most of my life to the point where I couldn't leave the house for days at a time. When I moved to New York, I couldn't afford to spend three days in bed so when a friend of mine suggested Acupuncture I was willing to try anything. Kimberly always made me feel very safe and comfortable while she worked on me. I am so thankful for Kimberly because not only have I been free of pain since we met, she also became a very special person in my life. Thank you Kimberly!"


"Kimberly's smoking cessation program took me over the top. I felt so supported in my decision to stop smoking. Kimberly, in her right-on insightfulness, refined and spoke out loud what I had only formulated mentally as my compelling reason to stop smoking. She then backed up my decision with acupuncture/Reiki. I really haven't suffered at all. I had been a smoker for at least 25 years. I haven't smoked for 6 months. It is great to be a non-smoker and even greater to know that I have found a top drawer/gifted/passionate healer."

A.S., LMTn

"I have been going to Healing Hands for a little over 3 years. Kimberly Sue Salshutz is the acupuncturist. She is amazing! She also does energy work. She is very easy to work with and makes you feel comfortable the moment you get there. I always feel more relaxed after I leave there. The first visit Kimberly sits and talks to you about your medical history and what is bothering you. But at every visit, we chat about what is going on in your life. Then she checks your pulses from your wrists and starts to figure out what points she will be using the needles on. She gives you a robe to change and leaves the room. When she comes back you can feel the energy in the room and you also feel relaxed. After she starts to put needles in, she stops and listens to your energy. Usually at this moment I am feeling energy moving through my entire body. I also feel more relaxed. After all the needles are in that are being used for the treatment, Kimberly starts putting her hands on your shoulders and uses some hands on healing. This goes on for about 45 minutes. I LOVE coming to see her. It feels like an internal massage. If you like acupuncture ypu should try her services. You will not regret it!"


"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Kimberly for almost two years. I find her treatments extremely helpful in normalizing my blood sugar, boosting my immune system and vitality, and improving my overall mental outlook. The combination of acupuncture and Reiki seems to rebalance my energies with harmony. I also believe the healing treatment is some kind of spiritual experience."

J. P. S., Artist

"While driving home one day I felt the side of my face numb, like after a visit to the dentist for a filling. The next morning I awoke to find the entire right side of my face was paralyzed. I was 25 and was diagnosed with Bell's palsy. I took steroids for a week and recovered. Five years later during the end of my pregnancy I woke up to find that, once again, the entire right side of my face was paralyzed. Immediately after I gave birth, the doctors gave me large doses of steroids, but this time nothing helped. I spent six months at NYU being poked and studied; still nothing helped. Finally, after a year of pain, embarrassment, and struggling, Kimberly came into my life. I started treatments with no hope or confidence that acupuncture would help me. I found what I can only describe now as a lifesaver. Kimberly actually wanted to go back through my health history to find out any insight into this problem. She was the first person to put together that I had this problem when I had severe anxiety coupled with stress on my anatomy. The list of nervous issues was staggering; why had I never put this together? Why did the rest of what we consider "mainstream" medicine never ask these questions? At first I went weekly and there was slow, but steady, improvement. I started herb treatments where I boiled and drank raw herbs. Thank goodness for Kimberly's persistence and support! Today I have a smile and people no longer stare at me because my face is crooked. I now like the way my face looks in pictures with my daughter. I now see Kimberly only for maintains, which ranges from once a month to several times a year. I look forward to my visits as almost a therapeutical session. I offered to relate my story for the pure and simple reason that so many people struggle with issues that are not always easy to treat with modern medicine. As hokey as it may sound, Kimberly is my saving grace and what my family and friends call my guardian angel!"

D.S., Entrepreneur

"Kimberly has a rare and extraordinary gift. Through her practice she has the ability to help body, heart and spirit to heal and maintain their balance. Through acupuncture/Reiki treatments and herbal medicine, I was able to avoid surgery and regain my good health. Now I continue to see her for the countless other benefits; in addition to helping me deal with everyday stress, it encourages me to be more open and creative. When I first went to Kimberly, I was new to acupuncture and uncertain of what to expect. I and the many friends I have sent her way feel fortunate to have found such a highly skilled, kind, gentle and attentive professional working in this valuable field."

E.P., Producer

"Kimberly is a remarkably powerful healer. The combination of acupuncture and her intense Reiki energy creates a healing treatment unlike any I have experienced. I have gone to Kimberly for lack of energy and severe winter colds and left one hour later feeling better than I had prior to getting sick. With repeated treatments, the healing process is like peeling the layers of an onion, getting to the core of the physical, mental, emotional. I compare it to going to a physician and 10 therapy sessions in an hour. It's a compelling, soulful experience for me."

J.W., Photographer

"I started getting treatments from Kimberly in early 1997 after meeting her at a symposium on comparative health techniques. Her ability to blend the mental, emotional and physical astounded me. Her point of view was from the Eastern style of medicine, a style of balance internally and externally. Although I was a cocky Wall Street trader at the time, my health was getting worse from the stress levels and the pressures of making money and the business. I needed help. I was gaining weight and I was in excruciating pain in my back and slept poorly. Physically, mentally and emotionally I was a wreck. I had been to acupuncturists previously and was disappointed. Although most gathered background information, not one felt or was intuitive in what was wrong or deficient with you. They would stick needles in you and leave the room! Why leave the room when I came to see you? I was impressed that Kimberly always stays with you during the treatment and is always touching (transferring her positive energy to you). Kimberly's Reiki treatments over the needles are very powerful. I have had a lot of success with her treatments both physically and mentally. After many treatments I told her one day that she does not cure anyone, but transfers the energy and "mental know-how" for one to cure themselves. In other words, she works as a conduit between your sickened state or framework of complete mental and physical health and balance. I would go as far to say that she teaches or transfers the "laws of the universe" to a patient so the patient can help himself or herself. Shouldn't all medicine be this way? I find Kimberly's work focuses on the causes. In life, you find people that are called "go-to" people. Kimberly is one of them. When I am not feeling well or in balance, she is the first person I turn to. How many doctors can you say that about?"

P.L., Wall Street trader

"I went undiagnosed with Lyme disease for 6 months. Besides the fatigue and overwhelming concern for my health, I had temporarily lost my ability to take normal inhalations and exhalations and lost range of motion in my right shoulder. With proper diagnosis, I did an intensive treatment of antibiotics, which cleared most symptoms, except my shoulder condition. I tried many holistic therapies, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage with no real change in my condition. Finally, after much frustration, I tried acupuncture. Within only three treatments of acupuncture and Gua sha I had no shoulder discomfort and returned range of motion. I am very grateful for all the healing and care and inspiration that Kimberly was able to instill in me during treatments. I would recommend acupuncture treatments with Kimberly; her skills are quite extraordinary!"

L.K.M., Engineer

"At 46 years old, I have worked with healers including doctors, specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists, Reiki therapists, acupuncture therapists and many more. I myself am a massage therapist. My experience with Kimberly's treatments is beyond words. Not only is she a superb L.Ac.and Reiki healer, but also her willingness to trust and embrace her intuition and create her own unique style of multi-sensory healing is an inspiration to me and has resulted in many profound healing experiences for me. To me Kimberly is a healer of wounded healers."


"Kimberly is such a rare combination of healing talents. She really helped me during my pregnancy and was invaluable during a very difficult birth. My labor was 36 hours and Kimberly's knowledge and healing power really got me through it. Her presence during the birthing process was so comforting for my husband and me. I lost a lot of blood and her treatments were so helpful in my recovery. She is so special in that she combines acupuncture with her Reiki skills. I have never experienced that with any other acupuncturist I have seen. She radiates so much energy in her sessions that I literally float, completely at peace and whole."

N.H., Healer

"For over six years, Kimberly is the first phone call I make when I'm not feeling well. Any ache or pain, whether physical or emotional, Kimberly heals. She always gives 100% of her attention. Kimberly Sue Salshutz is a true gift and anyone lucky enough to receive her treatments and know her is truly blessed!"

M.S., Social Worker

"Kimberly is the most empathetic person I have ever met. Her caring, intuitive personality alone might be enough to cure anyone. But she is also gifted with her acupuncture and Reiki skills. I started seeing Kimberly for help with migraine headaches, which I've suffered with for over 25 years. I had immediate and sustained reduction in the frequency and severity of headaches. Additionally, my overall health and mood have improved. I am deeply grateful to Kimberly for her attentive care and for helping me become a healthier person without pain! I am also inspired by her skill and generous spirit."

J.G., Writer/Editor

"I was initially sent to Kimberly 6 years ago, following a serious accident with internal injuries and trama. Because her intuitive skills are as fine as her acupuncture training, Kimberly was able to get much more than the surface pain and discomfort. And over time she has become my first and finest line of defense in the treatment of colds, infection, nerve and joint pain and depression. She has even succeeded in bringing my hyperthyroid condition under control; something even my open-minded physician doubted was possible without drugs and surgery. I've recommended Kimberly to many of my friends and those who have seen her share my respect, admiration and affection for this exceptionally gifted and gracious healer."

M.D., Television Producer

" I have been a patient of Kimberly's for 20 years. There has never been a time when she hasn't been there for me through thick and thin. She kept my healthy during all of my kemo treatments and the loss of my husband. I am forever grateful to her. She is a true healer with tremendous talent and compassion."

D.N., Sales, NYr

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