A Foundational Tool a Conscious Life.

We have reached a point in our planetary and human evolution of what has been called by many cultures "the time of awaking and illumination," as a pulse of spiritual frequency can now be accessed for the benefit of humanity. Much like we have experienced an upgrade in technology, spiritually too, we now have the opportunity to receive healing on the deepest levels of our being, as healing affects can now be accessed through cellular levels. Healing at these depths, allows one the freedom to truly experience their soul purpose, as was destined from our creation. Many of you, I know, have been feeling the inner knock at your hearts to discover your true life purpose, as profound internal and external changes are affecting you as individuals and the world in which we live.

It is not by coincidence that The LIFEfield Technique™ is now available to humanity. Founded and created by Teressa Fenison and co founder Joep Breek, as a gentle and heart centered hands on healing system, it is designed to realign one with their original blue print. The LIFEfield frequency clears away all negative emotional and consciousness imprinting, programming and cellular memories that have distorted the original blue print and have limited our life force. It doesn't matter whether or not these experiences were real or imagined because the constrictive energies, often originating from fear and illusion, form crystallizations within the system. When this occurs, these crystallizations become 'evidence' leading to reactionary living when presented with similar life circumstances. Each reactionary life moment simply increases the crystallization of the emotion or trauma, strengthening the previous blockage of force. The more charged the emotion or trauma becomes over time, the more negatives block the system, limiting health, clarity and self-empowerment. The LIFEfield Technique™ is a complete and immediate release of these emotional charges and programming that have decreased the possibility of living our dreams and success!

For more information contact the founders site: www.lifefieldtechnique.com.

The beginning is dedicated to explaining the basic principals of the LIFEfield Technique™ clearing, as well as personal self care and responsibility upon completion of the session. All questions and feedback are welcome at any point during the session or within the 6 month transformational phase.

The first half of the clearing focuses on the transmutation of "negatives." This includes clearing of negative entities, intelligences and negative influencing guides that are connected in anyway to your personal system inside and out. The next phase focuses on the transmutation of over 30 categories of life long traumas, imprinting and programming that have created false and limiting blocks and beliefs within yourself and have hidden your connection to personal power and soul purpose. The final aspect of the clearing radiates your inner light within yourself and out into the world carrying the essence of your unique soul signature.

Most people report to feel very relaxed and even fall asleep. The practitioner acts as a conduit to flow the LIFEfield frequency through your physical and energetic systems. You are invited at specific points to participate with guided imagery, mediation and intention along with the complete support and assistance of the LIFEfield practitioner.

A client tool kit, with specific transformational techniques and aftercare support, enables everyone to maintain a clear field and connect with their heart and soul purpose. An empowering LIFEfield C.D. is optional for those who desire to work with mediation and visualization. This greatly assists one on their healing journey. Topics include: grounding, radiating love, peace, cellular transformation and reclaiming your strength.

People that are diligent with techniques in the tool kit and work with the C.D. have the fastest and smoothest shifts over the 6 month time span. Personal spiritual practices and adjunctive therapies that are nourishing and helpful are always encouraged. In other words, incorporate what works for you and your life style.

The LIFEfield Technique™'s clearing is a complete release of all negative emotional charges on the cellular level. The most profound aspect being the clearing and balancing of the emotional charges being held inside and outside your personal system, so that one will lead a more creative and balanced life.

One session is all that is required or necessary to receive tremendous benefits. However, very infrequently, people have expressed an interest in a second LIFEfield session, especially if faced with an unusual life circumstance, which they feel has sparked "new" negative charges. I always trust the person's instincts and make sure that they are keeping up with the suggested clearing techniques before embarking on another session. It's a team effort, however, in the end it's up to you to make the decisions that support who you are and what feels right for your life.

Upon completion of the LIFEfield Technique™ you have a "clean house" and what you choose to fill it with moving forward is your choice. Nearly everyone reports to feel brighter, lighter and more peaceful. The LIFEfield Technique™ is a one time treatment, and once your fields are clear, you have the responsibility to live life as a conscious creator. It's very important to remember that upon completion of the LIFEfield Technique™, there is a 6 month integration process as your system resets to the renewed frequency. Please pay attention and do not fall asleep, for because your frequency is crystal clear you are a more powerful co - creator. Your thoughts and actions have a magnified effect as you have truly been given the keys to your life. During the 6 month phase, negative cellular memories are being released. Many previous emotional triggers and traumas just fall away and your blueprint becomes the vision. However, it's possible to re - experience a cellular memory triggered by a smell, season, person, place or taste as it's being released from your system. Another possibility is a present life circumstance may also trigger an old program or feeling. You now have the opportunity to gain new insights from a non- reactive state. It has been my experience, that if one needs to address an issue for personal growth, your life will present it to you, by creating an opportunity to make different choices so you can proceed forward in a responsible way. The LIFEfield Technique™ honors your personal free will and evolution and will not interrupt a life lesson or karmic event that is meant to serve a greater purpose. Though the results of this treatment are remarkable, it's not a one time "cure all" that erases your personal assessments and actions that are part of committed change. It's a unique time of re-evaluation and can choose to align yourself with various health professionals, should you be guided to do so for your new expression in life. You are the only one, who is 100% invested in the outcome of your life and the levels of joy and freedom your original blueprint has given you the opportunity to reach. I always suggest that upon completion of the session you mark your calendar 6 months ahead and note all the transformations and renewed levels of awareness that have taken place during this period.

Anyone who deeply desires to reach their fullest potential and live their dreams to the fullest, while being free of the effects of past emotional sufferings, in a really big way! The LIFEfield Technique™ is appropriate for people of all ages, including children. Below are some suggestions that may provide helpful awareness and solutions, but are not limited to:Anyone who deeply desires to reach their fullest potential and live their dreams to the fullest, while being free of the effects of past emotional sufferings, in a really big way! The LIFEfield Technique™ is appropriate for people of all ages, including children. Below are some suggestions that may provide helpful awareness and solutions, but are not limited to:

Feeling Stuck in YourPersonal or Professional Life - Are you someone who has explored various traditional and holistic modalities with little to no success? The LIFEfield Technique™ clears patterns and charges on the cellular levels, so it's highly possible this is where you may specifically need the support. When negative patterns are freed, we are open to receiving joy, prosperity and unconditional love.

Who Am I and What is My Purpose? - We all have a special purpose and are meant to be living it in a joyful way. Once the clutter of negative emotions, imprinting and programming are cleared from your systems, it's easier to form a deep inner connection within your heart, where truth and peace reside. During the 6 month transformational phase, pay attention to your repetitive thoughts, dreams and inner voice. It may be helpful to journal your process and see what enfolds. Most people report not only to have a deeper sense of their purpose, but to have renewed enthusiasm and clarity as to how to proceed with their future.

Pregnancy and Parenting - If you are considering becoming a parent or pregnant now, what a gift to receive for yourself, family and unborn child! It's perhaps the greatest gift to truly enjoy this special time and strengthen the karmic bond between you and your child. You have the opportunity to allow a soul to be born without limitations and to parent a child who is free from the negative conditioning from your childhood.

Reactive States and Addictions - Are you living from one stressed filled moment to another? Do you have more depression, anxiety and more of a sense of general overwhelm than you care to admit? Once your fields are clear you can perceive life from a state of neutrality. Addictions such as smoking, eating disorders, drug and alcoholism etc. are often genetically connected. Again this Technique is helpful in releasing these patterns and can make a profound difference if you are struggling with issues with real self commitment to change.

Unfortunate Life Circumstances - We all have them. If you are feeling depleted or can't seem to truly move beyond a traumatic event such as 911, death of a spouse, friend or child, suffering from a broken heart or post traumatic stress syndrome these are just some examples that the LIFEfield Technique™ can truly help you let go of and allow healing and higher wisdom to take full effect and ease the suffering.

Physical Conditions and Exhaustion - Most of us are aware of the mind, body, spirit connection. Because they are all connected, it's possible when the traumas are cleared the physical and bio-energetic system repairs and regenerates. We know that negative emotions and mental states can take up space within our body. When we are free from our reactive emotional states, we feel the positive effects.

Children - They are our treasures and signatures for our future world. Often parents that have received the LIFEfield clearing, gift this session to their children. This heightens the possibility in which they will connect with their unique talents and abilities and perhaps ease challenging life lessons. Others seek treatment with consideration to issues regarding: divorce, learning and behavior challenges, traumatic events such as 911, car accidents, sudden illnesses, adoption, low self esteem, bullying, dream disturbed sleep and loss of a family member. Children's systems are often more "untouched" and pure and respond extremely well to this clearing of emotional traumas.

Animals - They are integral parts to our families. They do us a great service by providing unconditional love and protection. Most species absorb enormous amounts of stress and tension from their environment. Owners that have sought treatment for conditions range from nervous disorders, abuse, illnesses, separation anxiety and various behavior issues. They, like children, systems are often purer and have favorable response to the treatment.

Because your cells are deeply transforming and holding more light frequency, it's possible to experience symptoms much like an acute cold as toxins release from your system. Should this be the case, most physical releases occur within 24 - 48 hrs. upon completion of your clearing. Cell memories that are being released from your system, are most noted within 2 months after treatment, but can happen within the 6 month time span. If you are taking any medications, please pay attention as your dosage may need to be reduced or adjusted after the clearing. As stated previously, it's possible to re-experience a cell memory as it's being released from your system. Should any questions arise after session, please reach out and ask for guidance. People that have had "side effects" and have reached out with questions or had a follow up healing session, often quickly move through any uncomfortable issues or feelings that may arise as their energetic system are returning to a state of balance.

Do these words sound too good to be true? If so, that is initially what I thought when I was fortunately introduced to this technique. I am someone who values inner self work and progress through effort and paying attention to the inner teacher. I am not interested in the latest "new age" techniques or formulas. It ultimately was a heart- felt leap of faith that prompted me to, not only personally receive the LIFEfield Technique™, but to train in the technique so that I would professionally have the honor to give this treatment to others. Upon much inner contemplation, I truly believe that we have reached an evolutionary upgrade, allowing us access to the greater expressions of our being and highest destiny. It is my greatest wish that our personal sparks brighten and grow into a radiant flame that creates a harmonious worldwide union of peace, love and understanding for future generations. Most people that have received the treatment range from miraculous to a heighten sense of neutrality in areas that were previously highly charged with suffering and confusion. Others report an overall sense of strength and courage in finding creative ways to transform life challenges. A small percentage of people report marginal changes and their new awareness have been a catalyst to continue the journey of self discovery. You will just have to see for yourself!

LIFEfield Treatment - $240.00 The one time treatment can be received according to your personal choice. -Private Sessions -Remote/Distance Healings -Six Hour Group Workshop

Miasma Clearing - $175.00 Remote - $150.00

Group of 4 Family Members - $600 This is recommended for families that want to find healthier solutions together in perhaps difficult family dynamics. Others resonate with this family clearing to ensure the greatest possibilities of individual and family growth and fulfillment. Often people get a sense if this is for them and their loved ones. This is specifically for parents and their children 18 years and under.

Animal Clearings - $80.00

For a detailed explanation of these sessions, please click Various Options to Receive the LIFEfield Technique™.

*I am sensitive to our current economic times. If you have a sincere interest in this technique and committed to your personal growth, please contact me for payment options.

All three methods are equally effective and have the same clearing affect and impact upon one's life. Considerable time is given at the beginning of each session to explain the basic concepts of the LIFEfield Technique™'s clearing and personal responsibility upon completion of the session. Cost for each modality is the same at rate of $240.00

Questions during and after sessions are always welcome. Possibly the greatest difference in technique options, may be ones personal choice of energy exchange, location and time. Nearly everyone with all three methods reports to feel lighter, calmer and freer inside and out!

Private Sessions - 90 minutes - This is a one-on-one exchange of energy between client and practitioner. One gets the experience of following (if you can stay awake) the step by step process of the clearing and how your system responds along the way. Direct personal feedback and dialogue before, during and after naturally occur in the most beautiful and astounding ways.

Remote/ distance healing - 60 minutes - This presently is the most popular method in which to receive the clearing, based upon the growing success of this technique worldwide. A pre and post LIFEfield letter will be emailed to you for you to review both before and upon completion of your session. Some of the information includes helpful pre- treatment suggestions to assist you to optimally receive during the clearing. Any post information or impressions that are personal to your session and future journey will be conveyed, if necessary. A client tool kit is also emailed upon completion of the session. Do not under estimate the power of remotes. Some of the most remarkable clearings have been given in this form.

This is what is needed in order to perform a remote LIFEfield Technique™ clearing:

  1. Individual and current picture of yourself that clearly defines your face.
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Contact information: telephone, email and home address

Workshop Format - 6 hours. Size 8 - 10 people - If you are someone who enjoys information this is for you! Everyone receives a complete LIFEfield Technique™ clearing within a group setting. Often friends and partners chose to share in this modality together to note their changes and progress both individually and as a team. However, many come solo and meet like minded individuals, like themselves, committed to personal growth. It'a a day to share your questions, stories or simply just observe and receive during the day. This workshop includes an in depth discussion of how trauma, negative thoughts and programming create blocks and crystallizations with in our bio-energetic fields. The power of our thoughts and our creational abilities, the differences between thoughts and feelings, ways to tap into your unique soul blueprint and much more are discussed. The entire client tool kit is reviewed and all techniques are shown and practiced in the group for greatest accuracy and self confidence. LIFEfield Technique™'s guided mediations that focus on cellular transformation, grounding and enhancing soul purpose will be experienced within the group setting. For on going workshops around the world, please check out the founder's web site www.Lifefieldtechnique.com and click agenda.

Noticable Change
"My wife tells me on a daily basis how much change she see in me." D.S., New York

Incredible Session
"Thanks Kimberly for an incredible session I felt the work immediately and it is still working and feel it getting stronger and stronger. You are truly gifted and well trained in this incredible technique." Bob Dagger, www.highvibe.com

Renewed Vision and Connection to Myself
"I feel like a new person and have a renewed vision of my purpose and connection to myself. I never expected this to work, but feeling I was truly at the end of trying "everything" decided "why not". The work is deep and truly amazing! Thank You Kimberly for sharing your work with me." Susan Jeffery, NY

More Joyful and Clear with Personal Responsibility
"I can honestly say that I am more joyful and less reactive to people and situations that used to cause me a great deal of stress and burden. I also have a deeper insight into areas where my choices have lead me down certain paths and how its up to me now to be responsible to create changes in my life." E. R., NY

New Lightness of Being
"I went to Kimberly for the Lifefield Technique after having been a patient since her practice began. Imagine a new level of healing - this is what I experienced in a profound way. She uncovered hidden resistances & I instantly saw movement & relief in the areas as she cleared them. Together we had new visions. I received feedback the same day that I radiated more than ever & that there was something absolutely "new" about me. Having shed unwanted layers, there is truly a new lightness to my being!" J. W., Photographer, NY

Fear of Dying Transformed
"When my daughter was 5 she had an unfortunate accident that had resulted in a year of fear of death and dying, coupled with migrane headaches. All efforts by various health professional helped little to none. As a family, we decide to try the LIFEfield Technique clearing. My daughter reported to see angels and light during the remote session! I am very happy to say that after many months - all fear and anxiety have completely vanished and she has returned to her beautiful self! Thank You God and Kimberly!" J.L., Teacher, NJ

One Year Later
"I was very excited to experience the Lifefield session and felt truly remarkable for weeks after the treatment. Like most experiences for me, the process was extremely subtle and for awhile wasn't sure how my life was being guided after LF. Then not too long ago, a great realization occurred for me nearly one year later! I have much more enjoyment in the simple things in life and have done some of the things of have always thought about doing for years! I love my classes and new found love of gardening." G. M., New York

Miasma Health Clearing This is an advanced, heart-centered, health clearing that serves to dually transform all miasmas and awaken your highest healing potential, on the physical level. Much like a key that opens a door, this hands-on-healing modality acts as a catalyst to unlock your body's total healing ability and clear dense emotions that are specifically connected to your acute and chronic health concerns. Similar to the LIFEfield Technique, it also supports the alignment within your heart and inner connection to your unique life purpose. This powerful session is designed to be time-released, allowing your health to naturally return to homeostasis. Noted health improvements, may have varying time frames depending upon your individual health condition. The majority of people, however, experience physical transformations within 3 months with continued progress up to one year.

What are Miasmas? Miasmas are dormant toxins, pollutants, blockages, diseases that are either inherited or acquired in this lifetime. They weaken a person's total health and diminish the levels of vitality and joy you can experience on a daily basis. These miasmas also affect your emotional state and cloud your inner connection to your unique spirit. Extensive research and information can be found regarding the nature of miasmas from the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann.

Inherited Miasmas They are diluted fragments and imprints of disease, passed down from our ancestors. Miasmas become the genetic material that have integrated into our DNA and partially responsible for our physical constitution and tendency to experience characteristics of certain types of diseases and emotional imbalances. This clearing is programmed to retrace the source of the micro organism and transmute it at its origin. Perhaps heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, gastro intestinal disease run in your family? Maybe you have personally experienced family miasmas and maybe not? At the very least inherited miasmas when activated, have a negative impact on your health even if it's just chronic exhaustion or over sensitized nervous system.

Acquired Miasmas They originate in this lifetime. Often it's from disharmony in our environment air, water, foods and over used and abused chemicals and medications. Over time when any of these become more the norm verses the occasional exception, the charge associated with the miasma goes deeper into your system and creates a negative physical reaction.

In both cases of miasmas if left untreated, become the responsibility of the next generation to find healthy healing solutions.

How are Miasmas Activated? Extreme stress, trauma, shock and extended periods any dense emotion such as, grief, anger, fear, insecurity, shame, jealousy etc., fuel dormant and active miasmas in your body. This miasma clearing is specific in the transformation of these conditions that are more deeply rooted in the physical level of your being and have a negative impact on your health.

Who is a Candidate to Receive This Clearing? This Clearing is an addendum to the LIFEfield technique. Once your fields have been cleared, people can receive benefits of this miasma clearing, as early as 2 weeks or any point in the future. The majority of people that have been cleared with the LIFEfield Technique are intuitively guided to receive this session as their next step in their evolution and personal health. Others, who don't necessarily have a specific health issue, view this session as an health insurance policy that deepens their connection to their spiritual path.

Are There Any Side Effects? It is possible to experience a healing crisis on the physical level within 3 days upon completion of this treatment. Detoxification symptoms may include and not limited to an upper respiratory tract infection, body aches, tiredness, headache, diarrhea, acne and temporary re- surfacing of past health challenges.

Treat all detoxifications symptoms according to your specific needs and seek counsel from health professionals, should you want extra support. It's helpful to know that most people do not experience any side effects. Once someone receives this miasma clearing, there is literally more energetic space in your body, allowing you to feel lighter with heightened levels of peace. I recommend drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet and resting 24 hours upon completion of this session. It's up to the individual to maintain a healthy and conscious life style.

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