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Dream Time was my creative inspiration to facilitate healing, guidance and spiritual awakening to naturally unfold during sleep and or dream time. This is a unique way to deeply receive healing and higher guidance during meditative states. Because we are all living in unprecedented times and have busy schedules, I wanted to create a gentle and peaceful way to embody the assistance of the Higher Angelic Realms to support humanities return to wholeness.

Dream Time's soundscapes incorporates the alpha wave (8 hz.) frequency with the atmospheric sounds created by music composer Robert Porembski. Neuro scientists have made the connection with sound wave frequency and it ability to affect the brain wave states that promote mindfulness, deep relaxation and sleep.

The bonus feature of Dream Time is that a subliminal healing meditation (written by me; Kimberly) is embedded within the music rhythms to guide your spirit during sleep, to absorb the healing frequencies of light, love and higher consciousness.

All that is asked of you is to listen the music with the intention to receive deep and profound transformation during Dream Time.

It's best advised to listen to this music 1/2 hour before sleep or during stressful times. Pay attention to your dreams and inner guidance the days that follow listening to Dream Time.

Enjoy peaceful healing Sleep and your Journey with the Angelic Realms!

Sweet Dreams

Disclaimer: please do not drive an automobile, operate machinery or perform daily activities that require your full attention

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